Friday, April 24, 2015

“Without love…

     Are you asenseoffender?

…your breath is just a clock, ticking.”+
And the alarm will soon go off. - No,
no, you won’t be able to turn it off,
not this time, not without deep love.

It’s okay to feel, but not to look, not in,
not in the mirror for it cannot reflect soul.
It’s just light. - But what about your…,
your countenance? - Any mirror can

reflect, but that’s not what you see.
Eyes only see, they do not truly see.
Ya’ gotta’ go deeper for that, within,
deep, deep within, inside you, a place,

a place no one ever told you about,
within, where there’s no “where,”
not even time, only the deeper you,
the you, the you you need to remember.

Then, take penultimate focus…, deep,
as a martial artist, precise, target keen.
But there’s more, even deeper, sharper,
sharper than deep, with dead-on focus.

That’s the only way I could make it,
up, through the neck of the hourglass,
far beyond space/time, unto the…,
unto the utter oneness I’d sought so long.

In my final focus, at my deepest within,
I found life deep beyond, unseen, untouched,
unknown of the world, which I’d not known.
As a thousand-petaled lotus, all things,

all things of any meaning, opened up,
and my enthrall surpassed all things,
everything I’d known before. - Then…,
then a new friend took me on a bike ride.

I still remember tall trees looming, peaceful,
slowly moving beneath them, in deep bliss,
and in utter, quiet calm I had not known before.
This, just a brief moment of time in Toledo.

Ohio, where many demons gathered (1971)
who fled before me, for what I knew,
what I’d found they could never’ve had.
I knew then…, neither could the world. - *selah*+

--RK, 1:20amEDST, 4/24/2015

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