Sunday, December 7, 2014

Calling from the other side…

     “Save me from the nothing I’ve become.”
       (Only love brings life, thinking’s nothing but death.)

…I was brought to life, midst living death.
Watching, all I see is you, pale, unmoving,
here, where it’s all green…, but spiritless,
most never even searching its glimpse, so near,

just the other side of within, painfully close.
I hear wind howling mid-winter, clear sky,
moon full, stars glinting in sky ablaze,
but you’re not here, and never were,

not here, the other side, where I found all
things the world had nothing of, scintillant.
I found every right question answered in utter
brilliance of profound this world cannot know.

Why stand shallow, in stagnant pool of darkness?
I stepped out from beneath when just eleven+
and found no one followed me unto discovery,
discovery of all I ever wanted, that I knew,

that I absolutely knew I would only find from within.
Could you be so utterly numb as not to see?+

--RK, 1:10amEST, 12/7/2014
     “Call my name and save me from the dark.”

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