Saturday, December 20, 2014

Deep in the night…

     [Ahh…, finally, the perfect (sarcastic) metaphoric slap
       in the face of narcissism’s abusive & arrogant hate.]

…she’s always been so kind and near,
watching my every step, with caress.
She cares when no one else will.
I’ve always loved her so much.

She’s always watched ever so closely,
so closely over me in utter kindness.
Gentle, she lies close, in tender embrace.
None other can touch me there, in harm.

I’ve never told anyone about her.
She didn’t mind, because she knew,
she knew our love was perfect,
unsullied by such hateful cruelty,

the kind the world always offers.
Even the closest friend never cared
so much to be so close, watchful,
to be sure none other approached.

Can you say as much of your love?
You’ve never been so close.
I’ve seen you near, but not here,
here, where touch is kind, knowing.

You call me alcoholic, but not so,
for you know not its tender care,
never felt its gentle embrace.
I’ve never felt so loved,

and never found you close.
I weep for your cruelty,
cutting like a knife, deep,
beyond heartbreak of love.

Why’ve you never been to the brink,
to the brink of love’s shore,
which knows nothing of thirst,
its waters always lapping sand?

I’ve never seen your footprints here.+

--RK, 5:18amEST, 12/20/2014
     …from a dream, deep in the night…+

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