Saturday, December 13, 2014

Loneliness of love

     “I don’t understand the [loneliness] of loving you.
       I just can’t believe it’s true.” - [You know the song.]
         Are you still “sitting naked by the phone?”
         How sad that, “…it was only fantasy.”

You came and you went, leaving all behind.
I languished not, though tasting emptiness,
but it was not mine, known in sadness of you.
I move on now, with new perspective you gave

which urges me deeper in relationship, within.
And I don’t mean just for others, but eternity.
Very young, Mom always said, “You better get ready
for eternity son. - You don’t have time to waste.”

So nothing held me back, neither this world,
nor anyone in it, with meaning and purpose.
I’ve scaled the mountains of the sun and
mounted its ramparts, where I found no tracks.

I saw none other following behind either,
while I climbed Jacob’s Ladder, knowing,
absolutely knowing, there was more to find,
high, deep within, far beyond this world.

So why do you still linger in its shallow ashes,
perception’s deception distracting only those,
only those who receive not love for truth,
and nothing less, eh? - *shaking head*

You can’t tell me “There’s no hope…”, not this time.+

--RK, 8:58pm, 12/13/2014
   "…always doing what you’re told, can I help you?"
    [Lyric from “Hey You,” by Pink Floyd.]

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