Monday, October 27, 2014

Death wish…

   [In irony, sardony & melancholy:]
     Killing time…, “[g]ive me a minute…”
        “A Big Brother Presentation - Don’t believe the truth.
          [No worries, I have my own white coat. - “I don’t mind.”]

Do not resuscitate…, - Not “if my heart’s not in it.” - *wan sigh*
The bill’s waiting. - Ready to pay, I sit still.
Go away. - Don’t get between me & the Ancient of Days.
“Give me a minute.” - My soul’s not for sale.

“I’ll be fine…” - “I’m not complaining…”+

--RK, 7:39pmEDST, 10/27/2014
     “…as long as there’s a [death]bed beneath the stars that shine.”

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