Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sleep no respite for nonseekers…

Yes, I did find it all, in great exultance unknown,
like I was the first one to step into its brilliance.
I knew better, but its crisp, absolute purity,
its perfect newness found me in utter thrall.

So why do you hesitate, noncommittal, comfortable,
at home in pool’s stagnance you so lazily cultivated?
I’ve always searched, and found great treasure,
within, no single stagnant thought ever detained me.

You have to listen before it’s too late, way too late.
You were waylaid in space/time, never listening.
I’m fine, but I fear your utter loss, because…,
because there is only creation or destruction so…,

if you don’t understand your part in seeking life,
then destruction will be your end, your final end.
You will not be remembered, never having existed at all.
Wake up, or sleep will never be respite, nor possible,

not now…, I personally guarantee you.+ - *selah*

--RK, 10:51pmEDST, 10/18/2014

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