Thursday, October 30, 2014

Frozen and broken, you are the key…

     “Give yourself to me, give all to me.
        If I could melt your heart, we’d never…,
        …we’d never be apart. - You
are the key.”

“You only see what your eyes want to see.”
I see it, your heart’s not open, closed so tight.
How can I reach you, you’ve closed the door,
locked it hard, and only you have the key.

“If I lose you, my heart will be broken.
Love is the bird, she needs to fly… If I could…,
[I’d] melt your heart, we’d never be apart.
Give yourself to me. - You are the key.

Reservations not allowed, give all or die…
Been here too long not to see what’s real,
even with closed eyes, from deep within,
a place you’ve never known, so, so real.

It’s okay, past duality, I’m far beyond.
Neither delusion nor illusion remain, not within.
Truly free, how can I tell you this…?
Leave darkness behind, or light can’t find you,

not if you aren’t looking within. - “Love is the bird,
she needs to fly.” - You know this undeniably, so…,
so why, why do you hesitate at all. - “You are the key.”
Ongoing denial, a river to nowhere, evermore.

Listen close, very closely…, “If I could melt…,
If I could melt your heart, mmm…, we’d never be apart.
Mmm…, Give yourself to me, mmm…, Give all, the key.
…You are the key.” - Touch it, turn it…

“If I could melt your heart…, give yourself to me…,
…give yourself to me, give all. You are the key,
…but you’re broken,” frozen…, so very cold, lost.
“If I could melt your heart…, you are the key.” - *tears*

“Your heart’s not open, frozen,”
frozen away from the Mystery within.
“Let all the hurt inside of you die,”
now, not later, never later.

“If I could melt your heart…,”+

--RK, 10:41pmEDST, 10/30/2014
   If I could just lift your heart…
     [Broken video links fixed.]

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