Saturday, October 25, 2014

Addicted, you’re in deep…

     “…might as well face it…’

That’s right, you’re addicted, and never looked,
too deep, scary and, though not, you’re reluctant,
because you rejected the love for the truth within,
and nothing less. - You’re lost, nowhere to go…

You’re not immune and you’re gonna’ to have to face it,
runnin’ at different speeds, your fibrillating heart jumps.
Oh yeah, you’re gone, closer to the truth, you’re not here.
You’re not home, you can’t sleep, not here, in deep,

and you’d like to think you’re immune, but I see you…,
…and closer to the truth, I see you fade into darkness,
out of reach forever, no retrieve possible, gone…
Oh yeah, closer to the truth, you never got enough…

“Your lights are on, but you’re not home…”
Just a kiss away, just a shout away, it falls upon you,
grinding, scraping, scattering dust with you choking,
and you’re immune, you think, but you’ll never taste it,

as eternity begins its roll far beyond forever…
…and “You drunk mind if you do.” - *selah*
And I’m not going to let you sleep, not now…,
not this time, for the long day of the fallen, crushed

in chains of utter dark, the hated dry place, perception gone.
And you always thought you were immune…, oh yeah. - *nodding*
Ah, and “[y]our throat is tight, you can’t breathe…”+

--RK, 10:59pmEDST, 10/25/2014

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