Monday, October 27, 2014

Don’t look in the mirror now…

     “…[T]ouch me like I’m an ordinary man, have a look in my eyes[…]
        Let me be the lesser of a beautiful man…,
        …without the blood on his hands.
        Come find me[…] the lesser of a…”

…if you aren’t ready.
You already know all about it.
I don’t know how you sleep,
except you drunk yourself there.

Personal responsibility, personal response-insanity…,
I understand, and you have to get up now.
Stand up, that’s right, stand up right now!
Stand still and listen very, very carefully.

You know I don’t mess around in my poetry,
and this one’s yours, all yours, personal,
very, very personal, because I know, yes…,
yes, I know what you did…, and why…

Personal responsibility, personal responsibility,
’fess up now, or its evil will dark you down,
irretrievable, beyond anyone’s reach, way down.
Within’s where you have to go, or lose it all…

Personal responsibility, personal response-insanity, without,
irretrievable, once relinquished because fear whispered,
whispered so quietly & calmy in your ear that all was well,
with its (unreal) gun at your head. - “Bullets, are the beauty,

the beauty of a blistering sky, blistering sky,
blistering sky, and I don’t know why…,
…blistering sky, blistering sky, blistering sky,
bullets are the beauty…” - Personal responsibility…+

--RK, 10:49pmEDST, 10/27/2014

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