Saturday, October 25, 2014


…I’m used to, been here long now.
Thoughts collided while I watched,
nothing of importance then so…,
so I moved on, into the depths.

What was next didn’t matter, not then,
nor even a cometary impact’s shockwave now,
rounding the planet with us in its sharp wake.
My daily nourishment, languish & remembering.

Memories many, replete with great lessons,
many deep, so very deep, I hardly plumbed.
What drove me on, knowing this was maya?
Unreal to whom I knew I was, I moved on.

So, eleven years old, I knew I had to go,
within, way deep within, where none ever,
none had ever trod, no turning back, right,
and I had absolutely no reservations.

Not even one entered my mind then…
I knew I was on my way, never to be held back…, ever.

--RK, 9:33pmEDST, 10/25/2014

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