Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I found it all…

     [Tuck it away, but listen…]+

…and I didn’t have to go anywhere…,
within not far, just a sighing breath away,
just a shout away, but listen closely first,
because nothing’s static here, nor there.

So much to share, but one waits, watching,
listening keenly, hoping, in sweet stillness,
knowing profound’s expanse will soon emerge,
calling from its depths, the edge of all behind.

Now, nothing withstanding, eternity ‘appears,’
its music playing on, trailing, echoing,
echoing all I’ve found behind, so long ago,
so very long ago… - And I’m still waiting… quietly.

[whispered very softly…] - Yes, I did find it all…

--RK, 12:16amEDST, 10/8/2014 - (Important edit made: 10/16/2014)
     …for Tonya… - *shhh…*
     [Ending @ 6:31 (Afterward inspires a very different poem.)]

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