Sunday, October 26, 2014

Final threshold

I use song(s) of the world to speak, partly,
to help speak of all that is far beyond.
And though they ponder it not, stagnant,
yet, still, I speak softly in quiet places,

unknown of the world & its unrelenting song,
a diverse song of nothing, though everything,
irrelevant to that which is beyond, far though,
above the mountains of the sun, and its ramparts,

the very same ramparts, beyond its mountains,
I got to know so very, very well, step by step,
in unrelenting climb to my first steps unto,
yes, unto the heavens+ beyond the firmament,+

beyond, until I found the first step within,
my first step into the Mystery, finally revealed,
revealed in the deep beyond its profound, unto,
unto eternity’s threshold, all else left behind,

far behind in the terrible void of the world,
its silent songs lost far behind in its dark,
its dark “palaces” I will never remember,
not in the sweet deep of final peace I found nowhere else…

--RK, 12:28amEDST, 10/26/2014

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