Monday, November 23, 2015

From far beyond the Moon

     “Where are you?” - Relentlessly, I seek you in the darkness.
       They see, but nothing from within, unknown to them…, alone.
       I see what this world cannot, their darkness, and great light.

Brilliance in the dark, I shine…, but I’m never seen.
Bewildered, I kept trying, but still none saw…, blind.
Brightness in the dark…, I stood back, wondering…,
wondering what caused their blindness…, so profound.

Sullen…, I learned unwillingly, what did.
But I knew I was brought here with purpose.
So I continue for the few…, others so lost,
lost behind relentless bars in darkness, bound,

no windows, free only physically otherwise.
Knowing nothing of truth, and nothing within,
they flounder in the dark, knowing “everything.”
I wish I could help them, but there are others…,

…others who received the love for the truth,
nothing less, who can see in this darkness,
…who can see in Stygian+ darkness, not so blind.
They are why & for whom I am here…, freedom.

They know me when they see me, all others blind.
Others blind I see…, who cannot & never will.
I tried & tried, but only found them unseeing.
So I moved on, seeking only those who can see.

Only they will see…, for they know to look.
And all they seek is the truth in all things,
but only from deep within beyond this world
which will never reveal anything, even of itself.

I’ve seen the frightening desolation of their profound night.
It was something I had to know of in my passing far beyond.
Only then did I understand the utter brilliance I found,
so, so deep and high within…, far beyond the universe.

Come with me, I will free you from all such darkness
unto brilliance of light otherwise unseen…, not here,
your release perfect, nothing unknowable as before.
Nothing withheld from you…, not there. - •selah•

--RK, 11:47pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/22/2015
     In brilliance, darkness is known, easily banished.
     So…, from far beyond the moon…, I wait.
     And “[w]here are you?”+

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