Monday, November 16, 2015

Only fond memories left

     “Lookin’ for higher ground, lookin’ for somethin’ I missed before.”
     “I wanna’ get closer in to deep…, I’ve got it all inside myself.”
       For those who don’t see it coming…+

Only memories left now, fondest ones, forgot the rest.
Standing on Pensacola Beach, sea breeze at my back,
tossing peanuts up to a small flock of seagulls.
Spied the loser, tossed him a few, the most grateful.

Younger on the darkside, found myself in a maelstrom,
Toledo, Ohio, summer 1971, but you couldn’t see it.
In a “tin can” eight feet wide, rotating clockwise fast,
I used prana to cut a stationary hole & backed out.

They couldn’t figure it out, “Where’d he go?”
It wasn’t my first victory, shades of them
before, but ya’ gotta’ be smarter, not lost
in the dark, great light within…, guiding.

Wan sadness surrounds me now, hoping there’ll
be more I can help sent my way, or me to them.
They didn’t get the perfect natal nurture I did.
They need help badly, but it’s late…, way late.

I just hope I’ve done them some good, because
time is waning fast, not much left ‘this’ time.
I hope to see some of them on the other side…,
the other side, these æons of time nearly gone.+

But you’re “comfortable,” complacent, surfeiting.+
Get up…, move! - The impenetrable wall of time’s
end is almost here,+ only oblivion beyond, or…
is that your old ‘friend’ you’ve hoped for?

Your long death wish isn’t far away now,
but it won’t be death, rather destruction.+
What did you think oblivion meant anyway?
It’ll be as though you never existed,

…and there’ll be no memory left of you.+ - •Word up!•

--RK, 7:47pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/16/2015 (Slight edits: 11/18/2015)
     Only my own memories left…, “Nobody can turn it around.”+

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