Sunday, March 22, 2015


     [Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech: 795.04KB; 3,254×2,613 (948×761 w/zoom)]
       NEOs, yep, there’s plenty of ’em out there…, just waiting.

Okay, I get it. - You’re bored with inanity and platitude
of “entertainment.” - You want things to get dramatic.
I know, but things are about to get far more serious.
Let me put it this way, what is about to take place

has never taken place before and never will again.
It will be worse than ever before in history, so strap in
and buckle your seatbelt, if you think it’ll help any.
Begs the question, “Will this be the end?”

Simple answer, “Yes.” - See the Revelation.
It’s not like you’ve never had a heads up display,
in full detail, laid out like nothing else has been.
If you haven’t, read it, and read it closely,

and then read it again…, and again,
because you want to be ready, right?

So, what do you want, asteroid impacts? - Check.
Cometary collisions? - Check. - Three in all.
How about a meteorite storm? - Check.
Anything else? - There’s plenty more where that came from.+

So get your affairs in order, without & within, eh? - Word up!

--RK, 8:34pmEDST, 3/22/2015 - (Added link to later NEO posting: 11/21/2015)

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