Monday, March 30, 2015

Yes, I know…

     “I’m feelin’ supersonic, give me gin & tonic,” be reverse parody.
       I’m tellin’ secrets, “‘Cause no one’s gonna’ tell you what I’m on about.”
       Where were they when I was gettin’ high? - *shaking head*

Yes, I know what I’ve done, and it’s not that it’s too late.
Rather it’s right on time, this time, to be of help to you.
I’m not here to languish in time’s waste, but to awaken,
to awaken as many as I can light a fire under, for good.

Yes, for good. - I have no otherwise agenda for harm,
never have, never will. - Your decision to trust or not.
I just don’t want to leave without you, knowing you’re,
knowing you’re gold, far beyond that which only reflects,

reflecting only what is in this world, though
shining in the next, here, now, waiting, waiting,
waiting for it all to end, which we all know will,
certainly will, entropy dragging all things down

as I’ve discovered in cosmology since I was nine.
That was when I found out Earth was only a spec,
just a spec, not a whole lot more as others thought.
Then it all opened up, because then I knew of infinity,

and much more. - Hooked on astronomy at nine,
just two years later I knew I had to go inside.
Nowhere else to go, I settled down, buckled within.
I knew my journey within would reach much farther,

much farther than even into the universe without,
as infinite as I knew it was. - Still & unwavering,
I was undaunted. - I absolutely knew there were
much deeper/higher levels of consciousness within

that I steeled myself to discover, the world be damned.
I was not disappointed by any means, for there it was,
before me, all I was unable to hope for appeared in calm.
So, far beyond hope, I knew there was still even more.

And so there was more, far beyond even deep within,
unto the mountains of the sun & beyond its ramparts
that I scaled so long ago now. • I found deep quiet,
the only kind that can soothe and settle ones soul.

And so now, I reach back, looking for you,
looking for you to join me, beyond within,
even unto the reaches of eternity itself,
of itself knowing nothing of space/time,

a supernova appearing even less than a lit match. - *selah*

--RK, 10:58pmEDST, 3/29/2015
     So much to share, so little time now…

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