Sunday, March 15, 2015

SuzieQ, her requiem still plays, loudly.

     We didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. - I didn’t know she’d be gone,
     …but prompted to call her two weeks before, we talked for an hour.

SuzieQ, second-oldest sister, sanctioned second mom, closest friend,
she made sure I didn’t stray, though she did, in strong purpose.
Many secrets she told me…, the best just how much she loved me.
Lacuna Coil’s deep requiem sung of other secrets they couldn’t know.

Years after her passing Cristina broke my heart in first grief,
still so very close, like she had not yet passed from before me.
An entire night in tears, carefully transcribing lyrics of Within me,
morning broke, 6/26/2008, my heart on knees, her so deeply missed.

Yes, she was the original SuzieQ, the one James & Bobby Purify
wrote and sang the song about, before CCR or the Stones’ remake.
Outside in her car, very young and quiet, she trusted my waiting.
The rest of the family gone summer south while I waited in stillness,

outside the bar where she met them. - They had a hard time,
her name, Quillie, not easy to say, so she became their SuzieQ.
You know the song, I know you do, but she was my dear sister.
She always knew I’d do the right thing, and made sure I did,

for secrets she told no one else, for her own safekeeping.
Quiet rabblerouser par excellence, no one her peer, knowing.
And so I still carry them, secrets, in safekeeping so none,
none may ever approach, SuzieQ still my protector today.

This be the secret that hides many secrets never to be told.
She did her job to preserve me even unto now, against them all,
all who might even think to approach, her countenance still,
still against them, all yet untold, but this secret veil over them.+

They keep their dark distance, black skeletons yet unrattled…,
but I needed another hedge, even deeper, after, and beyond,
beyond the veil they know nothing of, against enemy other, darker,
with many, many who went down in defeat in 1971, in Toledo, Ohio,

a very different story, as yet untold, waiting in need to be.

--RK, 9:15pmEDST, 3/14/2015
     [Her birthday same as Einstein’s, no coincidence, she knew.]

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