Friday, March 13, 2015

You’re not an android, so…,

     I am her enduring legacy…, just as she taught me.

…who made you?! - No, I don’t mean who were your parents!
Who made all of us, and everything around us?! - Answer me!!!
Don’t worry, I know you can’t answer that question, eh?
No…, don’t worry, I understand, I know you can’t, because…

…because this question was never allowed. - Now isn’t that right?
Okay, I have you cornered now, so where do we go from here, hmm?
I already know, but I wondered whether you do. - So…, do you?
Ahh, it’s all right. - It’s just a question, one I leave you with.

Answer it or not, I care not, because I know the answer myself.
My unasked questions were answered, while I was still, very still,
in the womb, mom reading scripture aloud to me, while I grew, still.
In her matrix, she knew, and felt me motionless…, keenly listening.

Twelfth of thirteen, I was listening very closely, the only one who could hear.
*long, deep sigh* - I have the answer, and need not ask again, nor you…, now.+

--RK, 9:12pmEDST, 3/13/2015

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