Sunday, March 8, 2015

What have I done…?

      “Oh no, here it is again. I need to know when I will fall in decay.”

I betrayed deception itself knowing its terrible anger,
and that it would never end its pursuit of me,
but I had a long start he knew nothing of, blind, and,
in mom’s caring nurture, I walked deep within, learning.

Deception still pursued, always falling back.
All before me have fallen, most not knowing,
and all before me will fall, knowing this time,
but in all this I have revealed only some,

some of whom I’ve been before, in brightness.
I visit the most talented ones, borrowing,
bringing forth the message delivered me,
delivered from long, long ago, before time.

I was carried by Him down the deep hallway,
the long hallway of eternity, before He created,
before He created space/time, the universe,
and the first couple, breathing life into him,

forming the first living soul of all, Adam,
Eve then from his rib, heart to heart.
So what have I done now near time’s slowed end,
all things dragging down entropy’s deep crevasse,

deep into existence’s final, slowed demise,
with none to witness its long end, but me?
“There’s somethin’ wrong with all the plans of my life.
“I didn’t realize that you’ve been here. - ‘Yeah, yeah…’”+

--RK, 1:14amEST, 3/8/2015
     “Don’t believe desire, destiny of a lie.”+

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