Monday, March 16, 2015

I can’t tell you that.

     “Will you, can you help me?”

No, I can’t tell you, not what you already know!
No, I , I just don’t know! - How, how can I tell you?
How can I tell you what I don’t know, and just can’t?
Shove me into the corner all you want, but it ain’t,

…it just ain’t gonna’ happen, ’cause I don’t know!
“Why do you know then, how?!” - I didn’t, couldn’t!
“What the hell do you mean?!” - There’s no words.
“No words!?” - That’s right, no words, no answer.

Right, I know, neither thought nor words can tell,
not even me. - I, I fail to understand myself so,
so how can I tell you?! - I’m sorry, all words fail.
I both know and do not know, so yes, it’s bizarre!

“Then we have to talk about this!” - Yes, I know.
All right then, sit down and…, listen very closely.+

--RK, 11:01pmEDST, 3/16/2015

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