Monday, March 16, 2015


     DC in final sunset. - (So, is this really how it’s all been?)

You portray that you know what’s going on but,
we know it’s all just a crock, full of public gruel,
what Nazis fed those they “took care of,” hmm?
Tells a story doesn’t it? - And we’re not buying it.

You apparently don’t get just how obvious your lies have been,
which most sadly believe, because consumers never change things.
We do, because we have access, access to the truth, to the things
you didn’t take care to hide, arrogantly in league with hate…,

…hate, your highest prize in trade, many your clients whom
you’ve carefully curried, cultivated and fertilized in propaganda,
grandiose, exactly what you knew they’d lap up in eager avarice,
payday just around the corner…, just this side of apocalypse,

apocalypse you know is coming, its heavy tremors felt long ago.+

--RK, 12:23amEDST, 3/16/2015

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