Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Poker face…

     “Shame you got, don’t want nobody.”

“Promises, promises…, ma, ma, ma, ma…”
So, you think it’s all about sex, when it never was,
because you’re not really listening, watching details,
details subtle, subliminal, direct to the point, the one,

yes, the one you always miss. - So how about this time?
Will you really listen and watch, closely for subtlety?
“You can’t read my poker face, no you can’t…”
True enough, I’ve seen plenty enough of it here,

where you’re blind. - Higher perspective, unassailed,
unapproached, unknown. - My poker face invisible,
so it wasn’t needed, not before your blindness,
I mean utter blindness even Poker Face can’t awaken.

Ahh, and you thought Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” was
all about sex and nothing else. - How very, very sad.
She’s a very deep artist, embedding subtleties she
knows you’re totally blind to…, out in the open.

Message: “You can’t read [her] poker face,”
not even if you tried. - You should know
Lady Gaga better! - Dang, how sad!+

--RK, 12:13amEDST, 3/18/2015
     [Dang, somebody sure better wake up!]

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