Monday, March 9, 2015

Steel yourself…

     …for there is no turning away from within, not this time.
      Let us end “this crime,” because it’s “time to forget.”+

As insects all caught in hardened amber on a tree, blind,
not much I’ve been able to do to awaken them to within.
And so, virgin to true perception, they will never truly see,
never having gone within to discover all riches, far…

…far beyond senses simple, only aware, sightless inside.
Does anything inside you feel twinge for things beyond?
And so, even with this, you still fumble in fearful dark,
though sighted with eyes & hearing with ears, deaf, blind.

Death in no hurry for you, though you rush headlong, hard
into its maw to grind & incinerate, leaving no root or branch.+
No punishment waits, but He creates, then destroys stubble,+
the old thrown out for new heavens and new earth, where…

“…the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind,”+
not then. - Our exultant celebration within…, already begun in earnest.

--RK, 9:51pmEDST, 3/9/2015
     [Great video with deep metaphor and symbolism.]+

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