Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tzolkin of the Maya

     This is the underlying nested fractal of our solar system’s orbital resonances,
        which points directly toward the center of our galaxy, known
        as Hunab Ku by the Maya where the Hero Twins are
        (two supermassive black holes in a 52,000-year orbit).

Learn more about the Tzolkin (short-count) calendar of the Maya.
This link below provides a legend for the Tzolkin image above: - (Nested tables.)+
Artwork ©Copyright 2009 by RK (using Illustrator/Photoshop)•
[RK: White Planetary Worldbridger (10 Cimi: 6th row/9th col)]
Red up-arrow, 4 columns left of center = 12/21/2012.
See: The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, by José Argüelles

--RK, 8:38pmEDST, 3/12/2015

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