Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No turning back…

     [Inspired by the musical mood of Robert Plant’s Big Log video.+]

…not once you’ve turned within…,
the greatest journey you’ll ever take,
but the car won’t start without commitment.

Take your time, but hurry, time’s running out,
entropy’s running languidly below idle, nearing end.
Pick it up, or be lost, for its deadline now hangs close.

(At the bottom of the pool, refusing to look up,
twenty minutes, no one noticed, I made sure,
only one lone bubble making its way to air.)

How committed I was no one knew I was on my way,
in certainty, with no turning back from within,
neither then nor ever, not a thought taken of it.

Drawn out sadness now only a ploy of mourning,
mourning of this utterly lost world, so dead,
“living,” deep in perception’s wasteland.

I moved into light far greater than “light,”
no sense of dread, sadness quickly fading,
dissolving tail lights on a freeway, no hurry,

though in thrall, earnest to hasten my destination,
far, far deeper/higher than I first knew to hope for,
but I knew it would be the greatest reality I’d sought,

wonderfully, terribly far beyond this dark place…,
this dank place I knew I had to escape, knowing,
knowing the only path beyond was deep, deep within…

No one, when I was eleven, could tell me, or even knew,
but I absolutely knew here was not all there was.
So I moved beyond the world, never to return…, finally,

finally finding the freedom of knowing, in absolute certainty,
(that perception would have only ever tragically detained)
even unto the Mystery of all things, entering its utter brilliance…

…perception’s seductive pinwheel left far, so very far behind…

--RK, 9:41pmEDST, 9/30/2014

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