Saturday, September 6, 2014

What I do…

…I feel deeply, or it’s not done, abandoned.
There’s no time to waste, not now, not this late,
way too late to hate, to envy, have jealousy
or feel alone, not for any reasonable mind.

Are you reasonable, or does emotion rule
where it has no place to step forward,
against you, opposing you, to detriment?
Let it go, step back and bring balance,

balance from within, plumbed from your own depths,
depths you have yet to explore, emotion freed.
Yes, let it go, but watch and balance, set aside,
set aside in isolation of understanding, inclusive,

inclusive of all things, from deep within, untouched,
untouched of the world, far beyond its ken with death,
death its only “friend” hanging close by…, hungry,
hating everything I do, its destruction ever at hand.

So I move on, nothing to lose of its abandonment.
Nearer than ever, time’s end approaches quickly,
so long hoped for, awaited in close, deep silence,
listening for its last thrall…, with eternity,

eternity beyond the beyond, so very, very near… now…

--RK, 1:19amEDST, 9/6/2014

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