Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lost ricochet…

…and you still miss, even on target.
You just don’t get it, in your deep blind.
I’ve passed far beyond the ramparts of the sun,
long, so long ago now, where you cannot follow.

The paranormal, normal to me, always has been.
Familiar to me, this, nothing to lose, fire away…
I won’t miss, my target found way back, and
you'll have farther to fall than I, gone now.

Nothing to lose, fire away, I’m gone, so gone.
Your fear my best weapon, without effort,
I look back briefly only to see you down,
your fall, forever with no recall or memory…

So fire away, I am so long gone, you…
…you shooting in the dark, no target found.

--RK, 11:15pm, 9/20/2014
     (…all too familiar here+…)

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