Sunday, February 2, 2014


   [Inspired by Dido’s music video, White Flag+]

To its knife edge one more time, tears awash,
nearing its point at the chasm before me,
I look down, swing out and leap into heavy air.
One more way to fall, waiting down as a feather.

This leap never like before in the calm aforetime,
when air heavy buoyed me down, unafraid, prepared.
Precipice steep down, swings back up anear, expected.
Calm rules behind in chiasma’s crossroad of knowing.

Listen close, you’ll hear it in utter quiet within.
You don't need to help me. - Within not so daunting,
your place, a place you've yet to venture toward.
“I will go down with this ship,” no surrender.

I go where I know, but the amber’s not over yet.

--by RK, 8:46pmEST, 2/2/2014
   [Reformatted w/slight edit: 1/1/2015]

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