Friday, January 31, 2014

A place in you

     Inspired by "Stoned" by Dido

There's a place in you I could talk to,
if only you were there listening closely,
but I can't find you there, in that place,
that place in you where all is quiet…, shhh...

High crescendo of emotion unimaginable
until right moments when we really see,
when we really see each other undistracted,
unsidetracked by perception locked in flesh.

The place in you I find you not. Where are you?
I call out from my place there to yours,
the same place I hope to find you soon.
And remaining, I wait, listen and watch...

so hoping to see you finally hear & find
crescendoes far beyond crescendo down
that find perfect union beyond all doubt,
no illusions to draw us away, ever down,

not now, not now...

--RK, 12:27am, 1/31/2014

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