Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Galactic Jeckyl & Hyde

     (Inspired by the first eight minutes of White Dwarf+, circa 1995)
        [worse than Riddick’s glowing eyes in the dark, motionless]

You don't want to do that! - Don't force him out!
I know you won't hurt me, but this will you.
Like nothing this entire planet's cultures produced,
it will drive you mad beyond madness, into the utter,

the utter unknown your imagination won't fathom.
I'm not from here, so mine runs many times deeper.
You've been warned. It won't be villains bursting in,
but will come from within your own mind in what

I know is there you've never acknowledged,
not even unconsciously. I know these places,
and I can play them out beyond utter horror
you'll not live the day in the bearing.

I am the Galactic Jeckle & Hyde
you silently hoped you'd never know
somewhere beyond your reach way,
way deep inside you've never known of.

Hope you never do… Seek the light.

--RK, 9:08pm, 2/26/2014

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