Sunday, February 9, 2014

Here it comes...

     [Inspired by Lacuna Coil (Century Media Utubes only)]

Fame, infamy, at once. Which wave will I ride
Waves crash upon shores, but not this one,
jaded, tripping darkness into light unending,
hanging ten beyond pioneered edges of infinity.

Finally, madness, just in time, this time,
not one more time, this time..., this time.
Sardony watching me leave, weeps
as I launch off this wave for vistas,

vistas far beyond all ramparts of Sol,
her mountains watching after me, longing…
"Follow me, follow me…" from within,
conscientiously mesmerized.

--RK, 8:45pm, 2/9/2014
     [written after public release of
          "The Emancipation of Astronomy
            for the Common Man"]

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