Thursday, February 13, 2014

Brief foray

     (Inspired by Dido’s No Love Without Freedom+)

Below Sol, foray in silence of this distant place,
home another place deeply longed,... far away.
“No love without freedom” within ringing so true,
silence all I've found here, heart alone.

“No freedom without love,” so true, lost,
lost here in this dark, backwater place
in one galaxy among trillions directionless.
I stand in my usual silence, nothing heard.

Nothing heard here, so I wonder why.
In this utter silence I’ve found so deep,
I should hear something. Are you there?
I still listen, from depths of silence bright.

None look this way, deep within, lost, hopeless,
though I stand so close, breath to breath,
eye to eye, speaking in silence still unheard
by anyone I momentarily stood with, blank,

unknowing of what lies so close,... so close...

--RK, 10:29pm, 2/13/2014

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