Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You are lonely…, I know

     “All my, life I, never really knew me ’till today.”+

I know you’re lonely, because I just came from there,
a long, long time ago. - You can’t tell me otherwise,
because you look the same as I did, way back then.
It doesn’t matter what I know you tell yourself.

It’s okay, I know the feeling. - It’s undeniable, within,
within where nothing true can ever be easily denied.
It’s okay, let the tears fall. - They badly need to, for you,
for you and no one else, here in undeniable loneliness.

But you don’t have to stay here, not here, not here
where there is only you. - I’m not so far away,
not so far away, deep/high within, truth ablaze,
ablaze with all its utter freedom of knowing,

knowing nothing of its own can ever be denied,
not there, not there within, where all is revealed,
because you wanted nothing less, nothing less than…
…the truth, all you ever wanted. - Hold it, so close.+

--RK, 1:59amEST, 2/4/2015 - [Please mute all forced commercials, sorry.]
     [Note: The picture & 2 "+" signs link to 3 different music videos.]

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