Friday, February 6, 2015

I have my dreadom…

     “[We’re p]ebbles in the stream…, before the sunrise…”

This is an hard scrabble against the world and
all it has, doubt, hate & glee in self repulsion.
But today I fly, this night in sweetest slumber,
sloughing off all the world has against me.

I am the dreamer, come awake, finally, within.
No one can stop me now. - I’m far gone inside,
way, way deep within, another pebble, just
another pebble in the stream, touching soft sand.

“I’ve got my dreadom (freedom) you can’t take away.
Pebbles in the stream shine brightly in the sunlight.”
“I’ve got my dreadom, with such a life to tell.
I got no answers, [and] a lot of dreams to [tell].”

“Pebbles in the stream shine brightly in the sunlight…
I have my dreadom…,” deep, deep within, against all skies…
Don’t let them sell you their dark dreams. - Ours shine so brightly,
brighter within than all the suns of the universe, right inside us. - *selah*

--RK, 9:14pmEST, 2/6/2015
     Dedicated to dear Tammy Jo.

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