Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ya’ gotta’ listen…

     I took this from a boardwalk in a swamp, beautiful…, only perception.

No, I didn’t want to expand my mind but,
in uncertainty, I certainly found its limits.
It couldn’t be expanded even a little,
so I knew I had to go far beyond,

leaving it behind in sleep’s dank dusk,
yes, in dust of awareness hogtied, gagged,
wrapped down in sensual perception.
I knew consciousness was different.

Consciousness is not an aspect of sense,
not by any means whatsoever dude, nope.
I was very young & I absolutely knew this.
So why don’t you get it? - It’s truly simple.

Consciousness streams from ones spirit,
you know, the part that animates your soul?
The body without the spirit is dead, so…
…even ungerminated, your spirit holds life…

…yes, life through the breath, which is why
I knew I had to cross its threshold first.
So I listened very, very closely, keenly, and
time’s long hallway opened…, all the way back…,

…back to Adam’s first breath given him, our first.
If you’ve read this far still thinking, “Kook,”
then there’s nothing I will ever be able to say
that can ever get you past your ego, your thinking.

I am so sorry that you will never, ever know
what has been there all along, without fail.
I wish I could help, but you will never allow it,
as an insect forever stuck in perception’s amber,

amber of awareness where blindness itself leads
the blind deeper into its own dark crevasse,
diverting your own life down its gutter, leaving,
…leaving life’s river behind with no way of return.

So I leave you now, for I won’t be able to remember you…, then. - *selah*

--RK, 8:08pmEST, 2/18/2015

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