Wednesday, February 25, 2015


     “Left without a hope of coming home…
       begging for the warmth of a burning sun.”

I was a gypsy from a strange and distant time…,
speeding through shadows of a million years
with darkness the only sound to reach my ears,
…and left without a hope of coming home.

I found it again, but it was never there, far from here,
only in the deepest place within…, silence reigning.
Having sped through shadows of a billion years,
darkness the only sound that reached my ears,

here in this dark corner of Earth lost in oblivion,
I came to help those who followed, also seeking.
And so one, another and then another after another,
I have helped many headed within, deep unto heights,

heights they never knew they’d reach, far within,
no more traveling in panic all direction blind…,
begging for the warmth of a burning sun, still left
without a hope of coming home, now far, far behind,

but finally home, truly home, deep within with heaven itself,
…heaven itself glinting now in our eyes so close, high above.+

--RK, 9:57pmEST, 2/25/2015

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