Saturday, February 7, 2015

Khali down, don’t be sad…

     I can’t go where only you can, within you.

“Life is crazy, life is bad…”
Still I celebrate discoveries within,
deep, where no one goes I’ve seen.
How is it you know not of its depths?

I remain here, these depths my own,
from so young, and I falter not, there.
You must know you’re unexplored within,
and not even I can tell you of it.

It is your own, though not of this world
which you feel is your own, when it never,
never was. - So awaken unto your own dream,
your dream within, deep within, unexplored.

I solemnly invite you, knowing what I’ve found.
What I found there no one could have told me of.
And so it is, the same, with you, as yet untold,
even of me, though I found my own never told.

So I beckon you, in earnest, unto deep within,
right there inside you, no one need say where.
Why do you hesitate, when you need go nowhere?
Within you confusion cannot follow, for no one,

no one else can secret themself within you,
not there, not there where only you can go.
Follow me, within you, where I cannot go,
where only you can, to discover all things,

all things that can be discovered, especially,
especially who you really are I’d like to meet,
who is not who you are now, yet undiscovered, within.
Go, discover your own shores and its depths beyond,

from within you, of which no one can speak,
but yourself, of which only you can tell. - *selah*

--RK, 10:43pmEST, 2/7/2015

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