Monday, February 8, 2016

Beyond the veil

     “It’s just gonna’ be you and yourself…,” alone…, this side of within.

I’ve been beyond the veil most will never see or know.
So…, word up…, it’s there…, check it out…, it’s close,
very close…, within you…, nowhere else…
Don’t let the world distract or “opinion” you.

They don’t want you to see it…, but it’s there.
Of that there’s no doubt, but find your own, yes,
your own doubt of a world who thinks to deny, yes,
deny your access to truth within they’ll never seek.

Don’t let them do it, strike them out…, go within,
the only “place” one can find everything of truth,
because it’s not “out there” anywhere…, I promise you.
I know because I live here, within…, in somber peace.

Learn to recognize the world’s verbal violence,
violence against truth they don’t want to know.
Sadly, they never will, rejecting obvious reality,
reality they can touch, hear & see. ♦ So what’s truth?

Yes, so then what is truth to them if reality is
debatable? - There is truth far beyond “reality”
they will never seek that I know you always do.
Don’t stop now, or ever…, because you know, yes,

you will find it, because there’s simply nothing else.
The world can never “tell the truth” when they know
nothing of it, not from what I’ve found within,
from deep within they’ll never admit is real.

I’ve seen what is real far beyond “here…,” far beyond
and more real than their hate will ever look for.
A sad testimony of them…, one they even admire.
Truly lost they are, nothing you can do…, so

don’t even try. - They’ll never see the veil, yes,
the veil their own hate sadly hides from them.
That’s right, I see them in ultimate desolation,
desolation they’ll never see right next to them.

Prepare, if you can…, for their existence soon to end. - •selah•

--RK, 12:24amEST (UT/GMT -5), 2/8/2016
     That's right, for them it's all about hate.+

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