Friday, January 22, 2016


This is what I did…,

     …but I was headed far deeper…, higher…, within.

No…, I did not crash…, and I found all I had been seeking.
There was no one else there. – The loneness broke my heart,
but I couldn’t slow down. - I knew there was so much more,
far, far more yet to be found. — In deep elation…, I knew

all that was to be found was before me…, more waiting,
awaiting even deeper discoveries with fulfillment’s highest
clarion call all the way back to 1964 when I first heard it,
the call from within, unmistakable, unmistaken, found…,

…found in perfect clarity, doubt lost…, nowhere to be found.
Such I wish for you in your pursuit deep/high within to “places”
the world will never know…, beyond.  Losing existence itself,
they will never know what we’ve found…, deep within…, ever.

Only seekers who’ve received the love for the truth and
nothing less will ever have the drive to know…, to know
the truth far beyond this world…, only found from within.
What’s next for us only we have inkling of…, for revelation,

though now we have what we found this side of its threshold.
I broke out of lower realms…, dark…, unto deeper light…, far,
far higher than the world will ever give even a simple damn for,
though it has always been our deepest…, highest hope.

Now…, so completely and utterly fulfilled…, we see it. - •selah•

--RK, 9:27pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 1/22/2016
     A very familiar metaphor, indeed.+

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