Friday, January 15, 2016

Where will you go…

     …when what “options” were never become?

I don’t speak for you. - It’s far…, far too dark there.
I stand in the light. Of its brilliance, you know not.
If I could only show you…, for just one moment,
you could never doubt again…, I know this.

You are in your last moments now…, of many I’ve seen,
but not here…, though many are. - My name is clear,
all too clear for those who know of me…, inexplicable.+
Not my home, I find here only final moments…, quickly dimming.

All I see everywhere is destruction, desolation…, in emptiness…,
you standing quietly, slowly scanning, in awe…, sensing more.
Then gravity falls & all things move away as its blackness
follows…, becoming your deepest…, now remembered,

darkest prescient nightmare in horror of nonexistence.
No way to see beyond it…, even in its dank nearness.
I only imagine it, knowing its impending unreality for you,
terrible to know, to try to conceive…, for nothing follows it…,

…not even you…, for you never cared for truth.+

--RK, 11:35pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 1/14/2016 — (Image added for 2nd video link.)
     Oblivion offers nowhere to go…, after nowhen. - •selah•

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