Friday, July 24, 2015

Your timeline

     Yes, that’s right. - Your timeline is my time.
     You understand, I am the endtime watchman.

Entropy ours, I witness it with you.
How you’re to face it, up to you, in time.
You want drama? - This is it, unencumbered.
We all go together…, or lose all…, alone.

Step with me into its chaos…, eyes open,
here where it’s already begun, in earnest.
I’m sorry you don’t yet see it.
So I lay out a call to those who hear.

Go within, or go without. - Deep treasure
is there…, nowhere else I’ve ever found.
Yes, I’ve searched all levels of consciousness.
Only in higher ones did I find effortless purchase.

Just don’t let me see your eyes in the distance…, fading.+

--RK, 9:49pmEDST, 7/24/2015
     True, it’s all coming to an end,+ but there’s more,
     and we won’t remember anything of now.+ - •selah•

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