Thursday, July 16, 2015

Still my own

     “How do I get you alone?”

The secret, it’s still my own.
How do I get you alone…, quiet.
The secret is still unknown…, of you.

Drop it down, your body…, and wait.
Listen close, oh so close, to within.
Part of you yet unknown, unexplored.

Yet unseen, though still you…, there.
Cut your ties with the world, only chaos,
for they have voice only of silence,

silence never heard higher, way up,
way up higher, never seen, untouched,
untouched of even one single thought.

But this is not you, you know better.
You know there’s more, far, far more,
deep within, a place you knew, you knew

you could never ignore, not then and…,
and not now. - Touch home again with me.
Stand beside me in understanding, knowing,

yes, knowing, that we’ve always known, within.+

--RK, 10:55pmEDST, 7/16/2015
     “[This] secret is still my own,
        and my love for you is still unknown.”
           And the clock is ticking…, down…

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