Saturday, July 11, 2015

Great depth…

     No delusions for me, only deep desire for truth, nothing less.

There’s truly great depth here, if you’re ready for it.
Don’t worry, it’s the place you’ve long known, deep in
comfort’s wondrous depths freeing you from all things,
unto within, with nowhere else you’d ever think to go.

There’s nothing out there. - We’ve always known.
So why do so many lose themselves here, there…, running,
running down rabbit trails to nowhere, hidden in the grass?
Let us revel in our deep solace, for we cannot help them.

They are adamant, insistent, trusting thought,
when knowing is so, so very close inside them,
never near their limited grasp, in furtive pursuit
of nothing, only finding rabbit trails’ deadends.

And you just can’t tell them. - How so very sad,
so deeply sad for them, when their own treasure,
their own treasure, lies so close, with nothing,
nothing you can do but hope they see you,

that they see your quiescent, knowing spirit,
fear banished with perfect love, detachment
all you have to help them with, in compassion.
Just don’t leave them alone in their last hours…, hours

in fear, all they’ve ever known, nothing ever sought beyond. - •selah•+

     Wake up this time, eyes closed, and open others wide from within.

--RK, 11:22pmEDST, 7/10/2015
     It’s okay to cry. - You know I understand.+

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