Friday, August 14, 2015

Is anyone listening?

     “Gotta’ keep on keepin’ on…”

I’m not sure you can hear me,
but I’m here trying to tell you,
tryin’ to say you can’t hear me,
because I see no response, no reaction.

I guess I’ll have to move within again,
my always home, nowhere else found.
You not having found within, inside you,
I have to wonder why, why, why…?

Listen closely, because you need to.
In this intentionally ambiguous song, sincere,
I hope you’ll understand what’s meant, but
are you there only to applaud…, to applaud

my passing from your impatient response?
“I’m outta’ time,” for you to understand.
I’ve done my best, but your hate always denies,
even eagerly, all truth of what’s obvious.

Nothing more I can do for you, or your ilk.+

--RK, 10:40pmEDST, 8/14/2015
     “I’m outta’ time.”

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