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Structure & Dimensions

    The Structure of the Bodies of Perception and the Nature of Dimensions

     Okay, let’s start with the understanding that we are tripartite. - We live in our physical body, we have a mind/soul, but we are our spirit self (if so be it has been germinated), from which streams your consciousness. - Our physical body includes awareness through the senses and resultant perceptions, which is the source of the various physical lusts of the senses. - Let’s be specific to include sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, but there’s more. - Our sixth sense is our sense of position/orientation as to what is upright/vertical or prone/horizontal and degrees inbetween.
     Now the seventh sense (which most tend to believe is the sixth sense) has to do with our connection to the etheric which is where only consciousness and prana can reside, not any of the other, lesser senses to include awareness and perception through them. - In the etheric your consciousness needs to cultivate direct perception, without any of the lower senses entirely, which is learned through meditation as I teach it. - Your normal senses cannot, and will never, perceive the etheric.
     I must digress here for just a moment to help you understand just what the etheric is. - First, it is not the astral. - (The astral is where visible light does not venture, but in which the surfaces of all materials’ outer electron shells have a glow. - Some might say that this, in part, is what is seen in Kirlian photography.) - Otherwise the etheric is a pseudo-dimension which entirely encompasses and suffuses throughout the first five dimensions, without contact except through the consciousness apart from physical senses otherwise.
     Okay, so exactly what is a dimension then? - Well, a few hundred years ago scientists/mathematicians abandoned the original definition of a dimension because it was far too unwieldy in calculus. - The original definition of a dimension (that for a dimension to be a dimension it has to be perfectly perpendicular to every other dimension below it) came from the most ancient esoteric teaching of all history and mankind, which is, “As above, so below.” - Many of you have previously heard of this saying from what I have gathered in speaking with many, many people on the subject of my book, “The Emancipation of Astronomy for the Common Man,” which it also relates to. - The etheric is a false, nonperpendicular, but quite real dimension, though pseudo- in nature.
     So, to keep it simple for most to be able to understand, let’s start with the Cartesian coordinate system. - Many of you best know it by how it was originally introduced to you in stages, starting with the Number Line, which is the X-axis, negative numbers to the left of 0 (zero) and positive numbers to the right. - Overlaid, at exactly a ninety-degree angle, we were introduced to the Y-axis, negative numbers below and positive above. - From there we were introduced to Euclidean geometry in two dimensions. - Later we were introduced to the Z-axis, directly through the plane of the paper, again exactly ninety degrees to both the X- and the Y-axes, positive numbers above the paper, negative below. - Then we had to study solids with which came Trigonometry which JPL (the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) uses to vector rockets (by thrust and direction). - Each of these first three dimensions are at right angles to each other, ninety degrees. - So what is the fourth dimension? - After all, you can’t draw another line that is perpendicular to the first three because you’ve run out of ninety-degree angles!
     This is where it gets really interesting for some of you. - The fourth dimension of time doesn’t appear to be perpendicular to height, width and depth, but it is more perfectly perpendicular through emergence by way of duration. - Bear with me, we’re getting there. - It’s not as difficult to understand as it appears at first glance. - It is well known that Einstein and other mathemeticians/scientists finally realized that, for their equations to really work, they had to plug in space/time as a single variable instead of two. - This does not by any means negate the dissection of space/time into four dimensions by any means. - In fact, it sets us up to better understand the next dimension.
     The fifth dimension is non-locational/non-locatable and non-durational, thereby becoming another emergent dimension with an even more perfect perpendicularity than duration (time) was to height, width and depth. - This is “where” black holes exist…, and “where” consciousness can also go. - (Consciousness is also independent of space/time. - In other words, consciousness doesn’t take up space, or time.)
     Okay, the second part of our tripartite personage is the mind/soul (the same thing). - I have always heard that the soul is something ephemeral, a mystery not able to be discovered whether or not it is real, much less as to exactly what it is, a mystery never to be solved. - Well, it’s actually quite simple. - From my several decades of experience with/in meditation since 1964, I have discovered the definition of a soul to be as follows: emotion and thought (from which springs imagination), the seat of the will with the ego (hopefully) only as an appendix, nothing more. - Mystery solved.
     Yes, there is a sixth and a seventh dimension, which are emotion and thought, part of the soul as defined above. - One can have more than just two or three emotions at once, but only one thought, one train of thought or one pattern of thought at a time. - Emotion is amorphous and fluid, but thought is like crystalized emotion, focused. - Beyond this completion of the seven dimensions…
     Ones spirit self is above/beyond all the above entirely, including dimensional considerations. - Your mind/soul animates your physical body, but your spirit self animates your mind/soul, even though it may yet be ungerminated. - And that is the ultimate purpose of this treatise, to help you understand that unless your spirit self is germinated, it will all have been for nothing.
     So, here are some hints to help you in that direction. - Your consciousness (beyond simple awareness which is entirely tied to the senses and perception) streams from your spirit self. - Follow it upstream in your meditations as you take the journey of The Moody Blues’ first six albums (only) in the following order: 1) Days of Future Past, 2) In Search of the Lost Chord, 3) On the Threshold of a Dream, 4) To Our Children’s Children’s Children, 5) A Question of Balance and 6) Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.+ - Don’t just listen to it, take the journey. - The Moody Blues are the only group of musicians (led by Michael Pinder) who systematically, thematically and lyrically addressed higher/deeper levels of consciousness progressively throughout six albums. - No other group has done this, before or since. - After the sixth album Michael Pinder left the group because he had finished his work. - Out of all six albums there are only a couple of songs and only a couple of lyrics I don’t like or agree with. - Otherwise I must seriously recommend the journey of their music within unto deeper and higher levels of consciousness for all seekers.
     I know, from over the decades, that this posting will be of great help to at least a few who will understand how vitally important it is to them. - Always remember that it all begins with receiving the love for the truth and nothing less. - If you don’t start there, you’re not going anywhere. - With this explanation of structure and dimensions my postings about Pranayama and Point-consciousness Meditation below will be even more helpful to you. - Seek, ask and knock. - Go within seeking, asking the right questions wherein are already embedded the right answers, and finding the right doors deep within to knock on. - You’ll understand much better when you begin your journey with, “Days of Future Past,” by The Moody Blues. - Seek the truth from within while it may yet be found. - Listen keenly to “White Bird,”+ by It’s a Beautiful Day on their self-titled, first album if you need to light a fire under yourself. - •selah•+

--RK, 7:36pmEDST, 6/15/2015

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