Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Legacy of the Owl*

     I know the deep & its soothing silence.
     Don’t let it pass you by, not now…, not now.

Legacy now I build, progeny my own,
the one mom gave me…, her own,
unmistakably laid, deep in me down,
high within she knew I’d soon go.

And I found it all, yes, all, within.
Nowhere else to go for truth, not…,
not in this bereft world of envy & hate.
I found the source of all things profound,

source of all that’s precious…, there.
No one could tell me different, not then, and
not now that it’s long been found, inside,
inside me, knowing nowhere else to look.

Yes, I found it all. - Follow me there,
there deep within you, on its tail,
once you realize there’s nowhere,
no, nowhere else to really go…, now.

     [Credit: Akansha Gautam (from Google+)]

Watch the owl plant his feet, wings
on wind guiding him through air,
in penultimate understanding,
perfected in exception of all things,

now easier in total apprehension,
purpose known, direction sharp,
focused, keen, no questions left,
not now, not now…, within. - Listen…,

your destiny awaits you within,
nowhere in this sad, tragic world,
this lost world deep in dark oblivion,
entrenched in death’s fearful grip.

Go with me there now, within you,
nowhere else to go, never was,
and we’ll find deepest meaning,
utter in high brilliance here, yes,

yes, here within you, nowhere else.
It’s okay, I understand this is all new,
so new to you, but you know where to go,

…I know. - Shhhhhh…, listen…+

--RK (aka: MayarOwl*), 12:16amEDST, 6/30/2015

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