Thursday, June 11, 2015

“Wish you were here…”

     Dedicated to Snezana Virijevic. - Thank you dear Snezana. - •bows•
        Such a wonderful time… - I know you didn’t expect me, not here.

Damn! - Who are you, out of the depths, seeking me?!

With my Clint Eastwood hat, grimed deep in wit & dust,
passersby, societally programmed, take little notice,
while I hold ancient secrets newly revealed for all, untold.
I don’t need their validation, because I’ve found truth,

truth never before told, understanding waiting, until now,
from its depths plumbed in early teenage years, profound.
No one showed me the way, for I already knew the depths
within awaited my fresh exploration, place familiar, known.

And with a quiver of many arrows, I targeted my steps,
each taken long before, already known, unsinned, retraced.
No one around to delay my approach, ground my own,
I paced deliberately forward unto depths I already knew.

My own mysteries waited long for me in their uncovering.
“You can’t get a suntan on the moon,” not without water/air.
My "holiday" found, in my search, deep within, lost before,
though not utterly, only from the world, itself truly lost.

With keen & deep focus nothing could stand in my way,
not on my way into the deep, far within, carefully stepping,
climbing the mountains of the sun, ramparts waiting…,
waiting for my leap beyond them…, far beyond time.

Time behind me, I was home. - Nowhen could touch me.
It didn’t matter where I was, not once I found within,
not once I found its deep and great treasure not to be missed.
Abandoning awareness & perception, I strode forward in keen focus.

My body left behind, along with its physical senses,
I could move on then, unhindered, society’s ball & chain
left in its own mud of misperception & groupthink, so lost,
and I found all I had ever hoped to find, but nowhere else,

only from the depths of within that only rare ones ever find.
No, “You can’t get a suntan on the moon…, they say.” - •selah•+

--RK, 9:22pmEDST, 6/11/2015
     No thank you for my hollow day all the same, never to change,
     not here,
but ineffable glory awaits me, far, far beyond.

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