Saturday, June 13, 2015

In my silence…

     …I’ve heard what no one else seems to’ve ever listened for.

No one hears what I always have, time to time, from within.
Yes, my ears, one or the other, hear what is not sound.
So I listen close to what is not heard, so crisp & clear,
quite unmistakable. - I wish I understood their message.

But they are consistent, clear, loud, long pulsed, true.
And, in my deep silence, I hear all things, unmissed.
Their manner and tone more than suggest reality, witnessed,
related to me in absolute clarity, just this side of the oneness,

just this side of absolute wholeness I know so very well.
So I understand what I’m being told is verity in essence,
essence of what is next here in this dark place, on this…,
on this planet amidst the dire nexus soon to unfold.

So I wait, watching skies so closely, listening deeply,
knowing collosal calamity on its way, here again in
precursor of silence, will slam Earth unlike before,
this time, first of three, destroying a third of it.

I know music, timpany, artistry of composers where…,
where their silence must be heard, so we may know…,
so we may know what underlies existence, trembling,
trembling below us, while all things will yet be shaken.

Only what cannot be shaken will remain. - •selah•
Some of you understand what I mean. - The stillness,
the stillness cannot remain, and will not abide.
For in this unmistakable end time, even time, yes,

even time will end. - And entropy will find its rest.
In my silence, as clear & vocal as I have been,
yes I have been quiescent, enamored of what awaits me,
eternity’s reign soon to manifest, unto the end all things.

“Silence must be heard,” then all things will be heard,
for what can be shaken will be shaken, loudly, then lost.
Then silence finally will be heard, in profound exultance.
I saw it in Pennsylvania in 1971, when I found Sol’s expression.

Unexpected, somehow, I barely understood, but in memory,
in deep focus now, it is all quite clear, unmistakable.
Its voice was in such clarity then, but now I understand,
now I understand its sweet message of deliverance,

deliverance from all deception, at all levels, finally.
And so, “Silence must be heard,” the silence I heard then,
misunderstood at first, but now clear in voice, known.
Something in you, something very clear, hears me…, now.

So awaken, from deep within, your spirit germinated,
to first moments of new life, never known before,
but which becomes you, as never before, finally…,
finally…, finally really alive…, your life of flesh,

only having been dreadful, in drudgery of suffering,
that never needed to have ever been, now at its end. - •selah•
     “It’s all so clear to me now.”+

--RK, 11:42pmEDST, 6/12/2015

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