Thursday, January 9, 2014

Deeper Issues

     (I've moved on...)
          [Inspired by Dido's music &
            the Moody Blues' "Melancholy Man"]

Too many shadow 'issues.' - Yes, I have issues
(while I look down at my shoes).  - Really?
Too many empty issues, not enough depth.
Yes, I have issues, but this outstrips them all,

deeper issues, 'lost' in the ancient, mystic current.
I would help you, but the world's no place for that.
I've been long here, no one noticing... ever.
Don't call me reticent, only never heard, within.

I tell others emotion should not rule the day,
but it is all that rules mine, terribly balanced.
My knife's sharp, surfing pioneering edge of life,
knowing exactly what I feel, and what I remember

I will never forget until time's end, most welcome,
tears wiped away, great comfort now unknowable,
this time not felt like the old, tattered, sad tragedy.
I've moved on where I've seen none follow,

again, beyond the beyond, past ramparts' pinnacle within...

--RK, 7:39pm, 1/9/2014

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