Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cenotes ('the time's coming')

     Inspired by "Mea Culpa" on Enigma's album "MCMXC a.D."

Sixty-five million years, one cenote circle, bubbled caves deep.
Mea culpa. - What now? - Another's on its way, this year, down.
Nothing we can do, worldwide tsunamis, devastated shores,
bodies far out to sea in high waves of heavy impact, face down.

Cenotes, the Maya dumped bodies there, polluting aquifers.
Intelligence outstripped understanding in tragic downfall,
hearts still pumping in 'priest's' hands (listen), casting heads down,
bloodthirsty, false gods, power, dark crimson rivulets running.

Cenotes, signs of impact, no gods to worship, obsidian black blades
cutting out beating hearts upon staired ramparts of dire designe.
Gone now, nothing of note, except astronomy and fractals.
Even JPL, a competitor of accuracy, planets and galaxy.

Stars awash in exact planetary placement, future known.
Nothing we can do, galactic accretion disk darkly crowded.
So we watch skies, waiting, many unheeding, speeding this way.
Sri Lanka next hard target, unseen, as new, black comet nears.

Cenotes, history of impact, nothing noted, this one dismissed,
one from far beyond Kyper Belt and Oort cloud, blazing, hurtling,
Comet ISON its ambassador, also blazing beyond 140,000mph,
no one, nothing left, on one-third of Earth's surface utterly gone.

As we watch again, two more, blazing hard behind, approach,
two thirds of Earth left to address, hard appress, trembling for impact,
Sri Lanka only first note of intended doom, awaited for millennia,
astronomers scrambling, telescopes busy, whirring wheels in slew, far late.

--RK, 9:03pm, 1/5/2014

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